We are building a more socially responsible Wall Street, from the ground up, in order to lay the foundations for a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Our Purpose

Wall Street careers for mindful Millennials

CariCorps (pronounced: Cari-Core) is a highly selective, career-long fellowship for a group of talented young professionals on Wall Street who are passionate about corporate sustainability and inclusive financial innovation (i.e micro lending).

Our “CariCorps Champions” receive mindfulness training which we meticulously designed to acquaint Millennials with the challenges and opportunities of their generation and how they can apply mindfulness principles to transform their vulnerabilities into strengths. CariCorps’ curriculum will equip Millennials with the cognitive and adaptive skills to thrive on Wall Street while maintaining the highest standard of integrity and performance.

After training, CariCorps Champions join the boards of non-profits to foster their community involvement and leadership development. Leading by example, CariCorps will also leverage our network of professionals and institutions to support and promote environmental and social-impact initiatives.

Career Coaching

We provide holistic professional development and strategic career management

  • Corps Training

    Immersion for cultivating enhanced cognition, emotional intelligence, and social consciousness

    • Practicing Mindfulness
    • Emotional and Social Intelligence inventory
    • Behavioral ethics and Governance
  • Technical Competency

    Online and live training to build functional, job-related knowledge and skills in finance

    • Interactive e-learning
    • Intensive summer bootcamps
    • Case studies and simulations
  • Professional development

    Designed to provide the roadmap and coaching critical to thriving on Wall Street

    • Specialized continuing education
    • Personalized leadership development
    • Recruiting and outplacement services
  • Career Advancement

    Designed to proactively keep our Corps Champions in the leadership pipeline to senior level management

    • Personalized executive coaching
    • Leveraging support networks
    • Recruiting and outplacement services

How We Do Good

  • Community Service

    Our members volunteer their time to help with local community service events that are organized by our non-profit partners.

  • Charity Engagements

    CariCorps champions are matched with charities that are on the front lines in solving social and/or environmental causes.

  • Impact Investing

    Leading by example, CariCorps will also play a targeted role as champions of environmental and social-impact initiatives.

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